CrossFit Kite and Key

OpenBox Athletics' CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Kite and Key, pays homage to Philadelphia’s own Benjamin Franklin and his famous kite experiment in 1752.  We hold over 30 classes a week on The OpenBox.  Each class is 60 minutes long and includes a detailed warm-up to get you ready for the strength and metabolic conditioning (Metcon) workouts you will do during the class time

Each coach is CrossFit Level 1 certified (at a minimum) and has an extensive background in coaching, education, health sciences and sports.  They are approachable and are there to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask a question or for a scaling option should you not feel comfortable doing the movements in the Workout of the Day (WOD).

We use MINDBODY to schedule each of class at CrossFit Kite and Key.  You can find the class times under Schedule in the main navigation of the website.

We believe strongly in workout logging—the process of recording your workout results in one easily accessible place to track your performance. Even if progression is not your goal, you should still be logging your results so you understand what weights to use during strength conditioning or the Metcon. We have teamed up with SugarWOD, a powerful programming tool that allows us to publish our WOD's nightly, provide logging capabilities and enhances community and social interaction. It's also easy to use and is the official app of CrossFit.

CrossFit 101 - a beginner’s guide to CrossFit

Our CrossFit 101 classes are offered three times weekly and consist of guided class sessions with one of our CrossFit coaches. The purpose is to get you familiar and comfortable with the movements you may see in a CrossFit class. New to using a barbell? CrossFit 101 has you covered. Don’t know how to correctly do a squat? CrossFit 101 has you covered. Please contact us with any questions you may have about this program. Access for CrossFit 101 is included with any monthly membership!


The 2019 CrossFit Open and OBA Friday Night Lights

The CrossFit season is upon us and it all kicks off on February 21st when Dave Castro announces 19.1, the first workout for The Open!

What is The CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is the first step towards reaching the CrossFit Games later this year.  It is a worldwide, all-inclusive event which spans 5 weeks and 5 separate workouts.  There are RX and Scaled divisions, as well as age divisions for Masters athletes once you reach the very old age of 35.  This is the largest community event of the year, not just at OpenBox Athletics but worldwide.  You can walk into any CrossFit gym in the world and talk about The Open!

For the majority of us, The Open will be the end of the line in our journey to the CrossFit Games (unless you buy a ticket).  But for 5 weeks, you and your friends will be on the same leaderboard as the Fittest on Earth.

What is Friday Night Lights?

Every Friday night of The Open, OpenBox Athletics will host a community event called Friday Night Lights. It is an opportunity for the entire gym to come together and cheer each other on as we complete The Open workouts. Depending on the workout and number of participants, heats will be assigned for each athlete so that the workout runs smoothly. Each week we will have special discounts on merchandise available for those in attendance.  There will be plenty of food and drink so come hungry and ready to cheer on your friends!

Who should do The Open?

Even if you don’t register at Games.CrossFit.com, you are highly encouraged to take part in Friday Night Lights and do The Open workouts with the community.  We will have additional scaling options available every week, so even if you can’t do the RX or Scaled official workout you can still get in a great workout.

What if I want to do The Open but can’t make Friday Night Lights?

We will have judges available outside of FNL so that you can still get your scores recorded and posted to the site.

How can I help?

We will need judges.  CrossFit has an official judge’s course; it is an online course that every certified judge must complete.  There is a cost involved, but if you pass the certification and judge for 2 out of 5 FNL events we will credit your account with the cost.

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