The Studio

In addition to CrossFit and Bootcamp Classes, we offer group fitness classes in The Studio at OpenBox Athletics. Available for every level, from beginner to fitness addict, we have a wide variety of classes. From yoga to core strength programming, we have a class that will fit your needs. 

All classes are available for booking through MINDBODY, where you will also find membership and multi-class package options for purchase. Classes are capped according to program. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to sign in and settle in ahead of the class start time.  Please note that The Studio has a strict 12 hour class cancellation policy if there are no active registrations for a scheduled class.  Class schedule offerings are subject to change based on demand.

Studio Flow

Sometimes powerful, always chill and accessible, our signature yoga class is meant for all levels as a moving meditation bringing you in deeper connection to your body, mind, and breath.

Studio Restore

Guided napping! A chance to let it all go, like getting a massage, all postures are seated or reclining and gentle for practitioners of all ages, abilities, and levels.

Studio Sculpt

Tone and define your muscles with our version of pilates - small but mighty movements centered on the core and coordinated with breath.


Studio Fusion

An athletic blend of yoga, Pilates, and core conditioning, this class fuses innovative movements and music to give you a well-rounded and much deserved treat for your body and mind.

Studio Power

High-intensity and fast-paced intelligent yoga sequencing for athletes and those looking to break a sweat. Less technique, more movement. Make this your workout for the day.

Studio Core

Our signature blend of yoga, core conditioning, and breathing exercises to awaken, tone, and strengthen your core (not just abs, think of the whole area from shoulders to pelvis!).

Studio WOD

Increase mobility and functional movement with weekly programming designed to complement the CrossFit WOD. Make this your active recovery on rest days


Studio Hatha

Attention to detail and postural alignment reign supreme in this classical yoga style. Simple movements become challenging. Expect some extended isometric holds to increase flexibility and strength and subtle breathwork. Looking to understand why we do certain yoga poses and how to cater them to your body? This class is for you. 

Studio Balance

The yin balance to your more vigorous, or yang, workouts.  Perfect for athletes looking to increase flexibility with long holds of forward folds, twists, simple backbends, and resting postures.  Breathing techniques will be a focus and will translate into your athletic endeavors.


Bring yourself into greater connection with a softer, more tender yoga practice. Perfect for expecting mamas, post-natal mamas, and wise practitioners who want to feel more fluid and mobile in their bodies!

Baby + Me

Bond with your little one while you move in this sometimes silly, always fun class with animal poses and songs designed for ages 0 through 4