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OpenBox Athletics

Welcome to Philadelphia's Premiere Fitness & Strength Training Facility featuring: 
CrossFit Kite and Key
Boot Camp and Core Conditioning
Personal Training

1931 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146



The idea for OpenBox Athletics came from a shared vision to create a facility which focuses on the needs of clients. A place that after you walk in the first time, you feel like you are a part of something special. Not just for the 60 minutes you spend working out, but through your interactions with other clients as well as the great communities in the Graduate Hospital, Point Breeze, Center City, Gray's Ferry, Fitler Square and other surrounding South Philly neighborhoods. A place that understands that time is a valuable and finite resource, and each client is making a choice to spend it at OpenBox Athletics.

Our offerings are based on creating a variety of fitness avenues for our clients to reach a multitude of goals. The facility design and equipment layout has been tailored to maximize opportunity while minimizing distraction. OpenBox Athletics will continually evolve, and we are not scared to try new things. We are here for you and we will be one of you.

We are #TheOBA




The size of OpenBox Athletics allows us to offer a variety of fitness classes and programs to meet different goals.  On our main gym floor, you will find our CrossFit Kite and Key and Boot Camp class offerings, while upstairs, we hold our weekly Sunday Yoga class as well as occassional Events.


CrossFit Kite and Key

We offer over 30 weekly CrossFit classes.  Our experienced coaching staff leads each class and is highly capable of providing not only instruction throughout the workout but also in scaling and adapting workouts to individual needs.

Boot Camp / Core Conditioning

With offerings on both The OpenBox as well as in The Studio, we enable clients to utilize their own body weight to improve strength and fitness levels.

Personal Training

From weightlifting and CrossFit to yoga and meditation, all of our coaches and instructors are available for personal training sessions in 60-minute blocks.  If you are interested in one on one training, please feel free to contact a trainer for more details.


Specialty Classes & Events


Every Sunday, we offer a yoga class designed to help you recover from a long week or prepare for the upcomig one.  From beginners to advanced students of the practice, our instructors will guide you through movements and breathing to calm your senses and heighten your physical awareness. Be sure to check our schedule to confirm availability.

Restorative Health & Events

Taking care of your mind and body is vital to long term health.  While not on our regular, recurring schedule, from time to time we offer classes more catered towards restorative yoga and learn how to control and manage stress through breathing techniques. In addition, OpenBox Athletics holds events and workshops catering to a wide variety of fitness and wellness disciplines. In the past, this has included Puppy Yoga and a Powerlifting workshop.

The Facility

When we set out to create OpenBox Athletics we asked ourselves one question: “What would we want in a fitness and CrossFit facility?” From the equipment selection to the lobby layout, we carefully thought out each aspect of the design of OpenBox Athletics to provide for the best possible client experience. From our Rogue and GetRxd equipped main gym floor, to our finishes and aesthetic in The Studio, as well as the retail offerings including FitAid beverages, we believe we deliver a truly unique member experience  unmatched in our market. We will continue to invest in OpenBox Athletics to ensure we keep up with the latest fitness trends.

Space highlights:

  • Nearly 6,000 square foot facility

  • 5 unisex bathrooms, including two changing rooms complete with showers on the second floor

  • The OpenBox: a nearly 4,000 square foot main gym floor

  • The Studio: a multi-purpose studio encompassing over 600 square feet

  • Over 3,600 pounds of weight plates

  • A 34 foot rig including 6 high expansion sections for ring placement

  • Premium sound throughout the facility

  • WiFi available for all clients

We are located right on the border of Graduate Hospital and Point Breeze on the busy corridor of Washington Avenue. We are easily accessible by foot, car, bike, etc and just a handful of blocks away from Center CIty, South Philly, University City, Rittenhouse Square, Fitler Square and Queen Village. 


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