BootCamp/Core Conditioning

Located on the main gym floor, our BootCamp and core conditioning classes are designed to get your blood pumping, clothes sweaty and muscles sore. These classes focus on body-weight movements and intensity. If you are looking for a hard workout and prefer not to move barbells around in a CrossFit class, these are the workouts for you.

Our coaches introduce that day's workout and guide you through a warm-up to get your body prepared. Worried about doing a push-up, pull-up or squat in the workout? Talk to our highly approachable coaching staff. They’ll offer scaling options so that you can make the most of your workout.  

Boot Camp

Functional fitness training, without the barbell.  Our Boot Camp classes expose our clients to a variety of stimulus and apparatus throughout the gym.  With the exception of barbells, nothing is off limits when it comes to challenging and building your overall strength and fitness.

Cardio Boot Camp

Fast Movements, brief periods of rest and whole lot of sweat.  Our Cardio Boot Camp classes are high intensity interval training and incorporate quick bursts of dynamic, body weight exercise to increase endurance, strength and overall fitness.