The size of OpenBox Athletics allows us to offer a variety of fitness classes and programs to meet different goals.  On The OpenBox, you will find our CrossFit Kite and Key and boot camp class offerings, while The Studio holds our smaller, minimal impact options including Studio Yoga and Studio Sculpt.


CrossFit Kite and Key

We offer over 30 weekly CrossFit classes.  Our experienced coaching staff leads each class and is highly capable of providing not only instruction throughout the workout but also in scaling and adapting workouts to individual needs.


Our schedule for The Studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes to meet individual needs.  From beginners to advanced students of the practice, our instructors will take you through the 60-75 minute classes and guide you through movements and breathing to calm your senses and heighten your physical awarenss.

Boot Camp / Core Conditioning

With offerings on both The OpenBox as well as in The Studio, we enable clients to utilize their own body weight to improve strength and fitness levels.

Personal Training

From weightlifting and CrossFit to yoga and meditation, all of our coaches and instructors are available for personal training sessions in 60-minute blocks.  If you are interested in one on one training, please feel free to contact a trainer for more details.


The Studio has its own brand of pilates with Studio Sculpt.  Sculpt focuses on whole body movements designed to build and tone muscle, strengthen your core and help develop breathing techniques.

Restorative Health

Taking care of your mind and body is vital to long term health.  Take one of our restorative yoga sessions and learn how to control and manage stress through breathing techniques.